Friday, June 25, 2010

Update on Iife

Hey Everyone, I thought that I'd update my blog and try my best at doing so because my fiancee has been good about writing on hers and seeing how much I like reading what she writes about me, I'd thought I'd do the same.

So, Since I've graduated (as it shows that that was my last blog) I have been staying busy and have made it to the next step of life, MARRIAGE! Or at least after August 13th, Friday the 13th (PS, I don't believe in superstitions, or at least I don't believe that Friday the 13th is a bad day, lol). I am going to marry Emily Rebecca Jones. She and I met at the El Dorado Ward our freshman year of college. I had always noticed her and thought that she was very cute. I was detained by the "premissionary" title and was not able to date or get too close to any girl (pretty much) because that would've affected my missionary focus, which was a valid and wise decision. But anyway, back to Emily, She and I reconnected about 9 years after our first friendship year and have dated and achieved the status of "engaged" on Facebook. I love it. I was excited to date the girl of my dreams. While dating her, I wanted to make sure that she was "the one" so I would question her about things she did to understand her better, but in that process, we had some love spats that gave me an understanding that what I was doing was coming off as judgemental and ragee (a word that I invented that sums up all the negative things of life into one). I felt bad because my only motive was to understand things better, but I look back on things and I was not doing a good job about being a sweet boyfriend. My approach to understand her and for her to understand me was to communicate my feelings (which by the way, Emily is the first relationship ever that commincation has been the best. I love our communication :). Well, I learned (well...I'm still learning) that some things a man just shouldn't say to his girlfriend. To spare me the embarrassment of what I would tell her, I learned that certain things that I didn't know if I would like about her are things that I find charming and even if I feel that things aren't the way they should be in my opinion, Emily considers my feelings and makes me feel good inside. I know that this seems vague, not making a whole lot of sense, and I might have lost you (the reader) already with what I am saying, yeah I know, Emily is helping learn that I have weird feelings that I want considered and she is doing an EXCELLENT Job. :)

So, I'd thought I'd begin a new paragraph because that other paragraph was getting lengthy. But I am still going to write about Emily. Basically everything that I have been looking for in a woman is found in Emily. I love how she considers my feelings (I said that already didn't I) just as weird as they may be to her or to anyone else for that matter, but it makes me feel special when she does. I noticed that she does such a good job at it that I feel spoiled, sometimes so spoiled that I tend to create more feelings that I want her to consider and I act stupid and like a child that wants every toy in the store. PS - Emily, I know that you are reading this and you are thinking rage lol (Love you). In fact, Emily is so good about considering my feelings that accepting her more is easier.

Something that I need to work on for her is helping her feel of my love. I know that she wonders whether I think that she is beautiful or not. We were watching a show and Kim Kardashian was on TV and my Emily said, "You want me to have a body like hers, don't you?" I replied, "Sure, Why not?" Well I like to joke around and I was just teasing her but as I am learning, there are certain things that you just don't say to women and teasing about their body type is a no-no for sure. I find her very attractive and I hope to be better about letting her know that I love her how she is.

Well it is getting late and I have only scratched the surface about this young lady. Volumes can be written about her character. I don't know how she does certain things but they are what make her amazing. I've noticed that I have grown in maturity by being with her and I have more charity, patience, sweetness, and happiness because of her. May she know that I need her and I hope that I don't screw things up. Love you Emily.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I graduated on Friday, June 30th from California State Univ Long Beach with a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Music. I never thought that this day would come as fast as it did. Studying for tests, writing papers, and practicing for concerts...they were my routines that I never thought would end. I am now free to do other things, but am not used to not having homework. I am excited what life has to bring me after graduation. I will look into continuing school down the line. I enjoyed my bachelor's degree. I learned a lot. Thank you to everyone that helped me and encouraged me to get this degree.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My first day with Blogspot

Hello to all that read my blog. I think that this is pretty cool and I look forward to writing my thoughts as time goes by. That's it for now.